3 Things You Can Do When Your Printer Ink Cartridge Runs Dry

Essentially you have three options available to you. You can either throw out or recycle your printer ink cartridge andbuy an originalequipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge, you can buy a compatible cartridge, or you can refill the cartridge yourself. This article takes alook at your options so that you can make the best choice based on your circumstances.Buy an OEM replecement printer ink cartridge If you want the least hassle you should buy a replacement cartridge that was manufactured bythe same company that manufactured your printer. Just make sure to buy the cartridge that was designed for your specific printer. Although this is the easiest thing to do, and you know that you can be assured of the results, the major drawback is that this will be your most expensive option.Buy a compatible catridgeThere are plenty of companies that manufacture replacement printer ink cartridges for just about any ink jet printer that is on the market. These cartridges cost substantially less than an OEM cartridge. Many people have read that using a non-OEM cartridge can damage their printer and void their warranty. This is not necessarily the case. Your warranty should not be voided as long as you use a cartridge designed for that printer. And often the quality of the printing is on par with what you would get using an original equipment manufacturer inkjet cartridge.Refill Your EmptyInk CartridgeYour third alternative is to either have your empty cartridge refilled by an ink refilling station or to refill it yourself. Refilling it yourself will give you the biggest bang foryour buck. However, there is one major drawback and that is it can be a very messy proposition. If you do decide to get a printer ink refill kit make sure to spread plenty of newspapers around the area you will be working in because printer inks are very difficult to clean up after. Also, most cartridges should not be refille more than once or twice.Whether you buy an OEM cartridge, a compatible cartridge, or have refilled your own cartridge several times, it is important that you recycle your non- useable cartridges. Not only can you receive money back when you recycle your empty cartridges, you will be helping the environment as well.