Exports Car to Various Countries in the World

South Korean car manufacturer, KIA is now starting a new phase and is expected to become one of the key players of the automotive world. Export cars from its factories out of 10 million cars have been deployed to various countries in the world. KIA Motors Corporation reached the figure of 10 million cars when KIA Optima exports out of their production line in Pyeongtaek Port, 80 km southwest of Seoul. White car is a car that was allocated for delivery to the American market.

Exports car KIA itself was first performed in 1975, when a small pickup named Kia Brisa sent to Qatar. Since then, the KIA had made rapid progress especially in recent time when the new generation models such as the Picanto, Rio, Sorento, Sportage and Optima was born.

Five million cars finished first shipped in March 2005. It took 30 years to reach the number 5 million first. But after that, 5 million second achieved in a very short time which is only 6 years. "This achievement would not have been possible without our loyal customers and hard working employees of KIA in the entire world. KIA Motors' pledge to dedicate themselves to sustainable development for the global economy and local communities we serve," said Vice Chairman & CEO of Kia Motors, Hyoung-Keun Lee.

Of the 10 million cars are shipped overseas, it appears America is the largest export market this KIA cars. Of the 10 million 4.27 million cars were sent to North America, Europe 2.45 million and 0.88 million to the Asia Pacific region. As for the Picanto, Kia Picanto has sent 764,453 units with 747,554 units and 656,446 units of Rio Sorento.