Cooperation Automotive and Electronics to Car Future

World's car manufacturers take steps to create an operating system for ease motorists using cell phones while driving, is addressed seriously by the global car manufacturers, due to the high number of car accidents due to motorists too often use cell phones while driving, so that became the motivation for designing cars car manufacturers future.

The good automotive companies like Daimler, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen have agreed on cooperation with electronics companies like LG, Samsung and Nokia to create a unified platform to make smartphone connectivity for future cars.

Although it was not clear when pinned in the car, but the scheme was intended to facilitate and give riders a sense of security in accessing music and when driving a car of the future.

Manufacturers of automotive and electronics will also position the places of interest in the vehicle to facilitate the driver to receive and make calls and do text while driving in a car in the future.

To connect the device to the car of the future, automotive and electronics manufacturers, will use USB, WLAN or Bluetooth. But this also did not rule out the possibility to use wireless and NFC which allows wireless connectivity with even short distances.