Since 44 Years Ago, Electric Cars Have Been Conceptualized

Currently, electric vehicles enliven the automotive industry. But who would have thought that Ford has presented the concept of electric cars since 44 years ago.

As reported by the official website of Ford, Ford has introduced the concept of electric vehicles with Ford's name on the arena Comuta Geneva Motor Show in 1967. Photographs Comuta recalled by Ford UK as part of the celebration of 100th anniversary of Ford.

Comuta Ford concept car runs using electric power, by being able to run to reach peak speeds up to 64 km/h and reaches a distance of up to 64 km once the battery is full. Naturally in the past 40 years the technology has not developed like today. And if the vehicle is applied today, would be well suited to the cities.

In 1967 then, Ford, through the Assistant Managing Director of Ford at that time that Leonard Crossland also realize that electric cars would not be able to displace the popularity of car petrol/diesel usual. However, Comuta indeed an inspiration for Ford's electric vehicle today. Ford comes with the ability to double, to be able to reach a top speed of 135 km/h and can take up to a distance of 160 km. And of course this is more stylish.