Monza Supercar latest products

Talking about a supercar or super fast car from Italy was not only limited to Ferrari and Lamborghini. What could it hurt to see other brands.
Because there is an Italian automobile manufacturer that is able to compete in the automotive arena supercar.

One of the Italian manufacturer of custom car Spada Codatronca Custom car manufacturer that offers Monza supercar is touted as the next Italian supercar.
Monza Supercar was mentioned no less well with TS Codatronca supercar introduced by the company in 2008.

Monza supercar is to use traditional specialty roof open, once an iconic model of the Italian producers. Unlike the TS Codatronca coupe. Monza will debut in the Top Marques Monaco on 14 to 17 April 2011. as reported by caradvice, Friday (1/4/2011) The car will carry the Chevy Corvette Z06 engine capacity of 7000 cc engine that is supercharged V8 with a power of 515 Kw and torque of 668 Nm.

To give pleasure users, the manufacturers will adopt the 6 speed manual transmission. The car has a claimed weight of 1250 kg so as to move from point 0-100 km/h with a time just 3.4 seconds with a maximum speed of 340 km/hour.

Supercar will be very limited in the world. Because the manufacturer only produces no more than 20 units.
Owners certainly going to feel exclusive when it was behind the wheel of Monza