550i Gran Turismo latest BMW

Luxury car manufacturer BMW, 550i Gran Turismo introduced to a limited circle in Indonesia. BMW 550i Gran Turismo is a blend of salon, Sports Activity Vehicle and the classic Gran Turismo.

Gran Tourisme with a stylish and elegant design, this car look like a sedan and coupé, with elongated and slim roof, doors without frames, and two tailgate. As the name implies, the BMW Gran Turismo is the ideal car for the trip unforgettable.

The atmosphere of luxury available in the BMW 550i Gran Turismo can make the driver and passengers feel like pleasure in private homes.

Spacious leg room in the back of the Gran Turismo BMW 7 Series is similar to the standard version, is an airy space of the head similar to the BMW X5.

BMW 550i Gran Turismo brings V8 gasoline engine equipped with a capacity of 4.4-liter Turbo TwinPower, High Precision Injection and Valvetronic, which could create maximum power 407 hp at 5500 rpm engine speed and maximum torque of 600 Nm from 1750 rpm spin.

Armed with eight- speed automatic transmission, Gran Turismo able to accelerate from a stop up to a speed of 100 kilometers / hour in just 5.5 seconds, with an average fuel consumption of 8.9 liters for 100 kilometers, and 263 grams of CO2 emissions each kilometers. This car engine meets Euro-5 standard.