imac stretcher two technologies new Intel

Apple update the iMac desktop computer product line with new models, new product brings two latest Intel technology, that is based on Sandy Bridge processor and equipped port data transfer called Thunderbolt.

With the latest Intel processors, the new iMac is claimed to provide access to more than twice faster than previous versions. No kidding, that are used are quad-core processor or corefour Intel Core i7 or i5.

Meanwhile, Thunderbolt prepared in anticipation of higher data transfer cables. This is an input and output technologies like USB ports, but can transfer data at up to speeds 20 times.
Apple first put Thunderbolt on the MacBook Pro line of notebook products.
The difference is, if the MacBook Pro there is one port on the new iMac there are two ports.

There are two choices of models with screen size of 21.5 inches and 27 inches. The iMac will go on sale with prices starting at $1199.