labor day

Action commemorate International Labor Day (Mayday) held in various places in Jakarta, including at the Merdeka Palace. A total of 1817 policemen keeping rallies to be held in front of Merdeka Palace.
"Police set up 1817 personnel from Police Headquarters, the Polda Metro Jaya and Central Jakarta Police," said Central Jakarta police chief, Senior Commissioner Pol. Hamidin.
He met reporters at the court of the Presidential Palace, Jl Medan Merdeka Utara, Jakarta. At that time the clock shows at 11:15 pm, Sunday (01/05/2011).

Based on previous observations of workers who had come convoy on motorcycles. Number reached a hundred motorcycles. They crossed Jl Medan Merdeka north and Jl Medan Merdeka west, Jakarta. The convoy had stopped in front of Merdeka Palace to deliver the oration, but it lasted less than ten minutes before continuing his journey.

"Yes, just what time the group of protesters came, we have set up security. I hope everything goes safe like years ago," said Hamidin.

While police officers already on the ground preparing to Monas. Security forces consist of 2 cars water cannon, two tactical vehicles, and two fire trucks.