Mazda RX-9 will release a twin engine

Japanese car manufacturers are currently developing the successor to the Mazda RX-8, likely will be named Mazda RX-9. This brand-new sports car will likely use a dual system, aka engine hybrid.

Today the development of these brand-new car by Mazda in progress. Mazda RX-9 is a sketch of a suspected car shows that the new car will look stylish.

Design body Mazda RX-9 is suspected sharp aerodynamic flow took inspiration from the concept car Shinari.

While the rotary engine that has been the mainstay Mazda will continue to be maintained.
But this machine is no longer assigned as the prime mover, but only useful as a generator to keep the intake of energy from the batteries continue to be available, similar to systems used by the Chevrolet Volt.

To make it lighter, Mazda will provide the platform MX-5 RX-9 and pinning SKYACTIV technology also there.

But for the time of launch, Mazda could not quickly bear RX-9. "We must give priority to the newest generation MX-5. We only have a small group of people who work in the RX-9," he admitted the Mazda.

But even so, the possibility of this sporty car Mazda will be launched in late 2013.