Superphone router smartphone

The era of the smartphone will be followed by superphone. the emergence of mobile phones with specifications so sophisticated to make the superphone expected soon to come.

Such phones Superphone bring superior technology. Call it a bright screen, high RAM, large storage and dual core processors which used to only exist in the computer device.

In the future, superphone was predicted to challenge the existence of a computer. For example, with the ability to be connected with a larger screen, such phones can offer capabilities like computer.

Currently, two new names in the mobile phone universe is deemed worthy for the title of superphones. They are Sensation and Samsung HTC Galaxy S II.

Previously, LG and Motorola Atrix Optimus 2X been present earlier. Just as Sensation and the Galaxy S II, both of which provide a promising dual-core processor in the smartphone operating smoothly and without lag.

With all its advantages, of course superphone are priced quite high. Yet, along with very rapid technological developments, the price will be more affordable in the future.