Apple Ready to Launch a Subscription Video Service

Apple ready to launch a subscription video service

Apple ready to launch its own subscription video service similar to Amazon and Netflix.

Apple Video subscription information obtained from Peter Misek statement recently. "As part of the launch of Apple's cloud services and iTV video later, we believe that Apple has an agreement with all or most of the studio/network TV that are similar to the streaming subscription agreement between the Amazon and CBS," he said.

Amazon and CBS is currently making a deal for broadcasting rights of the old CBS. CBS has the advantage of this deal. Reported 21% of licensing revenue they get. Of course, this success would not be wasted by Apple to get the same thing.

Streaming service is likely to be a surprise, but not completely well, because previously, CFO Peter Oppenheimer said that Apple has something that will be coming soon to iTunes Movies and TV content. And it seems to be immediately answered. Other reports suggested that Apple is preparing to launch a streaming service and re-downloading iTunes called Replay.