Choosing the Best Printer to for Your Print Needs

If you're looking to purchase a new printer for your study or home office, ask yourself some questions:

- What do I want my machine to do?

- Are you looking just for a printer or will you be using the machine to scan documents as well?
You can replace other pieces of equipment, like a fax machine, with a single multi-function unit.

- What do I want my machine to print?

- Will you just be printing documents or are you hoping to make some prints of your family photos?

- How much printing will I do?

- if you intend to do a lot of printing, you'll be looking for a machine that prints lots of pages quickly. Find a printer with high output speeds that doesn't sacrifice the quality of your prints.

- What other functions can I have?

- want to instantly share the photos you print with your friends?

There are a number of photo printers that let you edit your photos so you can share them with friends and family.
You might also be interested in a machine with capabilities such as double sided printing.
Canon has a great range of quality printers for home and office use.
Consider these exclusive ranges

- what kind of printer do you need?
- PIXMA - these all
- In-one machines include a fax machine and scanner.
They're exceptionally affordable, compact and stylish
- The perfect combination of function and form.

The PIXMA range is perfect for printing high quality color documents and images as well as photos.
- Selphy
- These photo printing solutions are fun and easy to use.
Make lab quality prints at home or unleash your creative streak
- Make calendars or add fun borders and effects.
- LaserShot - with models that print in monochrome or color, these machines are super fast and affordable for the home or office.
They're an ideal solution for individuals who print large documents and
small businesses with a just a few staff members.

- imageClass
- these advanced multi-function units are great options for small businesses to save space and boost productivity.
They offer advanced printing features and are a great quality all-in- one unit, perfect for handling faxing and scanning jobs at work.