Change Operamini Splash with Hp Java

1. Prepare the class editor, mini commandor, image morpher, OperaMini version 4.2 and a replacement image size not more than 10 kb.

2. Extract files v operamini with minicommander click 9 for the 2 windows.

3. Open the class editor, select a replacement image massage (*) and then pull down until the end, then record the size eg 9820, massage 5> and select copy and then open the file back massage v 0 for the 2 window, then click the nine content hex code image The original 8950 then yes.

4. Then press any button it will show code PNG, PNG frish. and we're looking for a second, then highlight the cursor on the number 89 as well as PNG, massage (*) pull down to get the number 9820, massage 5> select remove, then massage (*) 5> select insert, then save.

5. Open mini commander massage 9 for two window, select the file that had been in the v and then edit the copy to opera mini and save. opermini ready in INSTALL.
Good luck