Rack Space and Colo

Although servers areessentially computers,they are not necessarilyrecognizable as such.They are shaped a bit likeslimline DVD players!Servers need to be fittedinto racking or rack spaceas it is also known. Notonly does racking providestorage capabilities, it alsoprovides the connectionand power of the serverto the internet. It is a veryimportant part of thewhole hosting package. Ifyou are renting just asmall amount of space ina data centre then thechances are the hostingcompany will supply theracking. If you are rentingan entire data centre roomthen you will likely have tosupply your own rackspace. This will depend onindividual requirements.If organising colocationand rack space soundslike a step too far for yourown needs, you mayprefer to choose manageddedicated hosting. Thisprovides the safety aspectas no one apart from youhas access to your server,but everything is takencare of for you. There isno need to considerpurchasing servers, orrack space or any othertype of hardware. Youcan even enjoy thebenefits of round the clockmonitoring with alertstelling you the status ofyour network and server.If there are any problemsyou will be contacted viaemail or phone or eventext message. Thisprovides you with time tosort out any technicalhitches so the website canreturn to normal. Visitorsto a site are not verypatient, and if the site isslow to load or has anyproblems withfunctionality then they areunlikely to return.If you are starting awebsite, you need toconsider what type ofserver you need. Is itshared servers ofdedicated servers thatwould be mostappropriate. Then you candecide whether it ismanaged servers thatappeal or the colo andrack space option instead.