Angry Birds WP7 Postponed Again

Angry Birds Released for Windows-based smartphones Phone 7 (WP7) will be extended from the originally scheduled to 29 June 2011.

This delay is the second time that Microsoft made. In fact, last month at MIX11 developer conference, Microsoft is promising WP7 Angry Birds to attend June 25, 2011. Previously, the game is scheduled to present at WP7 on April 6, 2011.

Rovio made this popular game is one of six title games that added Microsoft to the Windows Marketplace through 'Must Have Game' in Xbox Live. Priced at USD 2.99, Rovio in WP7 includes 195 levels.

Microsoft promises, delays Angry Birds in WP7 this will make the gaming experience better.

"The decision to bring the Angry Birds as the last title in the series 'Must Have Games' is to ensure that we provide the best gaming experience in WP7," said Microsoft spokesman, Tom Warren.

But another source said, there are other things that should be interesting and note, which is about the price Angry Birds at Windows Marketplace.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft pegged at USD 2.99 for the 195 level. Comparison with Angry Birds IOS version to level 240 only costs 99 cents.