BlackBerry Playbook bestselling

BlackBerry Playbook tablet computers have been circulating about a month. Had doubt, Playbook made by Research in Motion (RIM) is reportedly managed to record decent sales numbers.

According to the analysis of RBC Capital Markets, Playbook sold 250 thousand units in the first months of its circulation. If the data is accurate, then Motorola's sales exceeded Playbook Xoom, but far below the iPad 2.

Playbook initially could reap pessimistic comments from observers technology. Target shooting is the main problem in the absence of native email Playbook, so the user must connect it to your BlackBerry phone to do email.

RIM itself has not issued official figures Playbook how many units that have been bought by consumers so far. But they welcomed the report that bestselling Playbook.

Indicated by a retail partner, a good initial sales Playbook. RIM has not published specific figures, but RIM plans to disclose in its quarterly report in June.