Bresson HTC Smartphone WP 7 with a resolution of 16 Megapixel camera

Smartphone field camera is often used as a pillar for phone vendors to attract potential customers. It seems in the spirit Smartphone HTC Windows 7 (WP7) is made with 16 - megapixel.

HTC Smartphone given the codename Bresson. It seems that the road map to communicate for the first time derivative of T-Mobile telecommunications operator in the U.S., the telephone.

Bresson was in September 2011 film. It seems an operating system, the phone out Windows 7.5 or mango which has a variety of enhanced features.

HTC leaks Bresson features than the camera resolution. The form is already visible, but not revised its original shape.

suspected by-Bresson, including the manufacture of other HTC phones family Prime WP 7 Ignite and HTC.