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Android 3.2 Honeycomb review

A few hours ago Huawei announced the MediaPad 7 inches, the world's first tablet running Android 3.2. Specifications MediaPad pretty cool with the IPS display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor and Qualcomm's 1.3MP/5MP camera. But the most interesting is the mention of Android 3.2

Galaxy Tab 7 from Samsung Release September

Rumors about the existence of a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 still continues. Still using the same name, the tablet is a second generation of the original Galaxy Tab 7

IdeaPad Y570 Review, Most Advanced Notebook from Lenovo

Lenovo is ready to release a new notebook, called IdeaPad Y570.
IdeaPad Y570 designed for gamers with top-class specifications. This new product is also claimed as the most advanced notebook from

Libretto W100 Tablet Windows two touch screen

Indeed tablets Libretto W100 has a number of advantages over other tablets that circulated in the market, so the price-rise was enough. The most striking of the Libretto W100 is presenting two touch screen at

Mac OS X Lion Apple officially released

Apple has officially launched its Mac OS X Lion. The next major version of Mac OS X will be out in July as an exclusive Mac App Store for

iCloud review of Apple

As rumored, Apple finally announced the service at the event iCloud WWDC 2011. This service is storing and distributing content owned by users of the Apple

iOS 5 still delaying Apple Maps

It seems the company's advanced series later iOS 5 logo Apple has not released it.
They still rely on Google Maps. Although Apple has reportedly had his

New MacBook Pro comes with SATA 3.0

There are two new models of MacBook Pro that this 2011 release. This is connected with the change from SATA 2.0 to SATA 3.0. The change is certainly also affect the transfer of data in the

Transformer Asus proved to be overclocked

Many users of Asus Transformer prove with overclock. No wonder the AsusTransformer demand in the

Apple iCloud seem to be offering Streaming Movies and TV Shows

iCloud will give a surprise to Apple fans. Rumored that Apple will provide movies and TV shows in an online 'locker' iCloud

ThinkPad X1 Laptop Super Thin from Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 has presented. ThinkPad X1 laptops has a size of the so- called super thin, less than

Asus Padfone combination tablets and Smartphones

Asus innovation in the gadget Padfone is unique. Padfone is a hybrid device that combines the tablet measuring 10.1 inches by 4.3 inch smartphone

ViewPad 10Pro from Tablet ViewSonic united Windows 7 and Android

With ViewPad 10Pro users can choose to run Windows 7 Professional or Android. ViewSonic releases ViewPad 10Pro a breakthrough to be reckoned with when competing in world markets tablet. They

Android tablet 4G LTE ready to be released Samsung

Samsung is currently being prepared Tablets Android 4G LTE.
Android operating system was the mainstay of Samsung. So Tablets Android with new features of technology 4G LTE

Iconia Tab A500 Latest from Acer

Latest Items Iconia Tab A500 that carried Acer will slide into the market. With a view quite revolutionary, Iconia Tab A500 will

BlackBerry Playbook bestselling

BlackBerry Playbook tablet computers have been circulating about a month. Had doubt, Playbook made by Research in Motion (RIM) is reportedly managed to record decent sales

Six Tablets Android Dream in 2011

Various tablets Android already circulating in 2011. Each has its own advantages to perform excellent in the eyes of consumers.
Here tablets Android already or soon be marketed and pretty decent assessed as ideal

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Present in Indonesia

samsung galaxy tab 10.1 As the successor to Galaxy Tab 7 inch, Samsung presents Galaxy Tab 10.1

Thinkpad Edge thin Laptop from Lenovo

Entering the second quarter of 2011, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge presents two new thin laptop that has a more elegant design. This is the thin Laptop Thinkpad Edge E420s

MacBook Pro 2011 is available from Apple

During the 2011 MacBook Pro are sometimes refurbished Apple Store network over the past two weeks, a few readers have a significant increase in the availability of 2011 models last two days