Thinkpad Edge thin Laptop from Lenovo

Entering the second quarter of 2011, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge presents two new thin laptop that has a more elegant design. This is the thin Laptop Thinkpad Edge E420s and E220s.

Thinkpad Edge E420s is sailing 14- inch thin laptop with optical drive swap ins like the MacBook. While Thinkpad Edge E220s, not equipped with optical drives.

Thin laptop Thinkpad Edge designed with shiny silver- colored metal list. Not only that, a layer of glass on the display both of these products also looked different.

Thebattery is designed both products three times better than the previous generation, with the life cycle of charging up to 1000 times. This is the most striking difference from the previous Thinkpad Edge series.

In terms of storage, consumers can choose three types of storage media: SSD, SATA, or Hybrid (Rapid Drive). Batteries are three times better than before, up to 1000 times the charge for its life cycle. Battery 1 year warranty. E220s up to 6 hours, E420s up to 7 hours.

Segmentation is more to the small medium business, but also did not rule on the student segment. Both premium products are already present in the market starting this month with prices starting at USD 1,200.