New MacBook Pro comes with SATA 3.0

There are two new models of MacBook Pro that this 2011 release. This is connected with the change from SATA 2.0 to SATA 3.0. The change is certainly also affect the transfer of data in the optical bay: from 3 Gbps to 6 Gbps.

And not all MacBook Pro have konseksi 17inci 6 Gbps optical bay. That is, if you're lucky then you might get a version with SATA 3.0. That's because Apple does not enter the specs is the time of purchase. Can be understood as long as CDs and DVDs can work well, then things like that do not need to be listed. But it would be important if you want to replace the internal optical drive bay with the other.

To be able to see the connections in the optical bay, you just need to open 'System Profiler' in folder 'Utilities' under the 'Applications'. In the sidebar, select the 'Serial-ATA'. That way you'll know if you get a MacBook Pro with a faster connection or vice versa.

Meanwhile, if the MacBook Pro 17-inch could have had a problem with the additional 6G firmware SSD in the optical bay. That happens because the speed of the MacBook Pro has terset 3 Gbps. Yet the future OS X updates can certainly overcome this.