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iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

iPad Mini with 7.9-inch display will officially enter the tablet market on November 2. Apple's new tablet will compete in the 7-inch tablet market, with Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab and of course the Nexus 7. With the lowest price $329, the iPad Mini certainly a tempting offer by the end of this year. But what if compared to the Nexus 7 Android tablet made ​​by Google and ASUS?

iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

In terms of processor you can see Nexus 7 has been using a quad-core chip, while Apple is still using the dual-core A5 chip as used in the Apple iPad 2. Apple does not mention how much RAM the iPad Mini, while Google clearly mention 1GB of RAM inside the Nexus 7. Seen from the graph below, the screen resolution of the iPad Mini is under the Nexus 7.

iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

But there is one advantage the iPad Mini is quite interesting when compared to the Nexus 7. iPad Mini has been using technologies such as iSight Camera on the iPhone 5. The sensor is also quite tinggai camera (5MP) cameras such as the iPad 3, while not accompanied Nexus 7 rear camera, which means you can not take pictures using the Nexus 7, but utilizing a front camera for video chat.

On the other side of the Google Nexus 7 also has another advantage, namely the offer price is much cheaper: $ 199. Google reportedly in the near future will also release a 3G Nexus price is not changed from the Wi-Fi only models. So, which one you choose; Apple iPad Mini Android tablet or Nexus 7?

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.4 with redsn0w

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.4 with redsn0w

Apple has released iOS 4.3.4 as a step to cover the pdf- exploit the JailbreakMe 3.0. So actually this is just security update 4.3.4 update only, no new features of the iOS 4.3.3 to

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy 3D (Three Dimens)

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy 3D (Three Dimens)

The device of Three Dimens (3D) the main attraction at this time. Not surprisingly, many vendors now embed the 3D capabilities in its products. A rumor spread, mentions that Samsung is working on a Three Dimens capable phones Galaxy.

ETNews, South Korean news site, in its report, citing people in the Samsung says that the company plans to launch a 3D mobile phone, like those of the HTC and its nearest competitor, LG.

Specifications are more or less similar to the HTC and LG Optimus 3D Evo 3D, both of which have three dimensional screen that can be seen without the aid of special glasses, front and rear camera which can be used to take pictures in three
dimensions, as well as dual-core processor Exynos powerful .

Phones that use the Android OS Gingerbread reportedly is likely to be named Samsung Galaxy 3D and 4.3-inch screen size.

Other additional features are also interesting, Samsung Galaxy Three Dimens can display 3D content into 3D TV via the HDMI connection. If indeed there is a new feature, it can be an important breakthrough since the ability to share their 3D media are very limited. Let's wait the presence of Samsung's Galaxy 3D.

Apple started selling OS X Lion

Apple started selling OS X Lion has just been released. OS X Lion, the latest operating system for desktop and Mac laptop computers have just been released. Apple began selling it with a tag of $30 / download.

Apple added some features in OS X Lion is inspired from the iPad, among the Launchpad that allows one click access to various applications and features multi- touch gestures.

OS X Lion will be available pre- installed on new Mac computers. As for older computers can download in the App Store.

"Until now OS X Lion to be the best version of OS X. We are very pleased to users around the world can download them," said Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Philip Schiller.

Sales of Mac computers and laptops dramatically exceeds the market in the quarter that ended recently. The appearance of OS X Lion is expected to rake in more consumers to buy Apple products.

Tips on Caring for Smartphones

Tips on caring for smartphones so durable and safe from intrusion action cyber criminals and malware.

Here are 12 tips on caring for smartphones:

Tips on caring for smartphones, to first.
Always lock and use the password for access to your communication device.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to two.
If you want to enter personal data, do it only for applications supplied by the manufacturer. That means, if you want to download the Facebook application must be from the website Facebook, as well as the application of Twitter from Twitter, and others.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to third.
Do not store confidential information in your smartphone device.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to fourth.
Enable Password program.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to fifth.
Turn off the function of geo-location services.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to sixth.
Enable password protection systems.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to seventh.
Delete or remove personal photographs that do not want you distribute.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to eight.
Do not install applications from developers who are not known. If you've already done the download in question, put an end to online banking activities from your smartphone device, because the application is potentially malware.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to nine.
First look at the applications that you want to download and install. Whether the application has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times? Does having a high rating? Does the application have been around long? Does the application developer is trusted by the industry and its customers? To know it can be done by checking through search engines, via social networking, as well as of microblogging.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to ten.
If you click a link in an email, never enter personal data into it. Because many cases the entry of malware through the mode. Especially if done through mobile communication devices, the risk will be higher. It would be safer if done by entering the name of the website on a web browser, then input your data.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to eleven.
Install security applications and enable the antivirus program.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to twelve.
Treat your smartphone device like a desktop because cyber criminals no matter what platforms you use, but it is targeting everyone to be a victim.

Geber Game for Xperia Play

Xperia Play is smartphone specially dedicated to playing games. Not just a matter of hardware, gaming content ecosystem also worked seriously claimed by Sony Ericsson

Motorola Xoom is present in Indonesia

Motorola Xoom is present in Indonesia after it was released last February 2011 in the United States, Motorola Xoom is now officially landed in Indonesia. Honeycomb Android's first tablet marketed plans starting today,

iPhone 5 and Television Apple will be produced

iPhone 5 ready for production, recent reports suggest the middle of Apple's business partners in preparation to begin production of the iPhone 5.
Season is planned to

Nokia N950 MeeGo Review with QWERTY Keyboard

Nokia N950 come with a QWERTY
. In it you can find OS MeeGo and specifications that are similar to other smartphones MeeGo also recently announced by Nokia, N9

N9 Lankku has been officially announced Nokia

N9 Lankku has been officially announced Nokia, a few days ago, precisely at the Nokia Connection 2011 event (June 21) in

Xperia Active ready released Sony Ericsson

Xperia Active ready to be released Sony Ericsson, by adding members Android handset Xperia line, Sony's getting stronger in the Android

Xperia Ray Latest Sony Ericsson

Xperia Ray Sony Ericsson's latest phones that carry the new handsets for entry-level class, namely Sony Ericsson txt

Windows Phone Nokia will present in October

Windows Phone Nokia will present in October. Such information is leaked by the official Nokia, Victor Saeijs. At the end of 2011 ensured the Windows Phone Nokia will be present

Android 3.2 Honeycomb review

A few hours ago Huawei announced the MediaPad 7 inches, the world's first tablet running Android 3.2. Specifications MediaPad pretty cool with the IPS display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor and Qualcomm's 1.3MP/5MP camera. But the most interesting is the mention of Android 3.2

Bamboo Paper from Wacom for Writing in the iPad with Stylus

Last month Wacom release Bamboo Stylus designed specifically for the iPad and now follow it up with a Wacom Bamboo Paper

BlackBerry Bold 9900 ready for release

BlackBerry fans seem to have to wait a little longer to RIM's latest handset is the output. RIM made the announcement earlier in the BlackBerry World, that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available summer 2011,

LG Release Smartphone Android Dual-Screen

LG Android smartphone is initially output looks normal. But not if you pull the panel and found the slide-out Qwerty keyboard in there. Not like most

Galaxy Tab 7 from Samsung Release September

Rumors about the existence of a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 still continues. Still using the same name, the tablet is a second generation of the original Galaxy Tab 7

G'Zone Commando tough phone from Casio

Casio has a range of mobile products. Casio G'Zone Command is a reliable phones that the extreme hardship, but

review iPhone 4 version unlock

Buying unlocked iPhone 4 versions now easier. In the United States, Apple began selling iPhone 4 that is not bundled with