iPhone 5 and Television Apple will be produced

iPhone 5 ready for production, recent reports suggest the middle of Apple's business partners in preparation to begin production of the iPhone 5.
Season is planned to commence production in the period mid-late August 2011.

With the news that analysts estimate will release iPhone 5 new as soon as possible after mid-September. An observer from the firm of Morgan Stanley, Katy Huberty believes that the new Apple iPhone will start production of new generation in late August.

Huberty also added that besides the iPhone 5, Apple is currently working on a television product. It also said that Apple is still at the early design stages of the television product.
This becomes important because it will provide a new way for Apple to boost its annual revenue.

Observer who has just followed a series of meetings in Taiwan was also writes that Apple will likely release a cheaper version of the iPhone. It is believed that Apple will expand the market so far dominated the upscale consumer.