Toyota Camry won title back America best car

Toyota Camry is the car type Toyota sedan that special output target middle and upper market. Toyota Camry own main market is America and Australia.

Toyota Camry won the title back to America's best car, for the third time in 3 years. A study by The, on an annual American-Made Index vehicle. The result is announced that the Toyota Camry managed to retain top spot in three consecutive years.

This study is based on a percentage of production in the country, and how many products are sold to buyers in America. The result, Toyota's Camry is the best-selling car in America.

In a global economy, it is not easy to find the best cars like the Toyota Camry in the United States.
Most cars are assembled in America, came from somewhere else. Meanwhile, many U.S. car assembling vehicles in Canada and Mexico.

Toyota Camry remains a very popular vehicle, and higher total sales. And requires a higher amount of production also requires a large workforce in America. All who contribute to Toyota's ranking.