Bamboo Paper from Wacom for Writing in the iPad with Stylus

Last month Wacom release Bamboo Stylus designed specifically for the iPad and now follow it up with a Wacom Bamboo Paper; applications that work in conjunction with the full support iPad Bamboo Stylus.

Wacom is a renowned manufacturer for display with stylus support. But the last few years Wacom focus more on the various products incorporated in the Bamboo Series.

Wacom recommends to use the application along with the Bamboo stylus but you can still wear it uses the help of a finger. Bamboo Paper does not have limits the number of pages so you can make notes as much as possible. There is also an option to add a line grid and a hug for drawing two-dimensional shapes.

Bamboo Paper also comes with 3 kinds of thickness of the brush and brush 6 colors. Other features offered Bamboo Paper is the ability to bookmark pages, mirror display to a television or projector, printing, email and save all the notes you have created.

Bamboo Paper applications are available on the App Store and FREE only until July 2011. Afterwards you have to pay $ 1.99.