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6 Creative Techniques with Multiple Exposure Photo

The technique of multiple exposure photographs style is not new, even be explored since the days of film. This technique is commonly used for two or more scenes of motion or stationary in a frame. The goal is nothing but images look more dramatic and dynamic.

creative techniques with multiple exposure photo

creative techniques with multiple exposure photo

How to actually create a multiple exposure photograph with this?
First, the necessary condition is a type of camera. It turned out that not all digital cameras have the facility or multiple exposure feature. If he did not have but would like to try it, though requiring digital means via computer software. Ie by combining multiple layers / layer are stacked into a single frame.

For the record, this paper investigated a multiple exposure created in the internal camera, not on the computer.

Second, make sure the lighting conditions to ensure the success of multiple exposure. Background images should be darker than the subject. This is to maintain the speed and the diaphragm is maintained when recording multiple scenes.

Light falling on the subject also needs to be constant, not fickle. This need to keep the auto focus does not run and maintained lightmeter.

Third, determine how many frames to be stacked in a single frame. Usually the camera provides 2 to 10 frames. More or less depending on the creativity of the recorded scene photographer.

Fourth. Look carefully at what's going to made ​​multiple exposure. Adjust as needed because not all the scenes photos nice to be multiple. Here, reasoning and creative side of the photographer is very important in making a multiple photo.

Fourth. Since the purpose of multiple exposures to create a more vivid and dramatic scenes, still pay attention to body language and expression of the subject who want taken of. Do not get them covered by a number of stacked layers.

Fifth, multiple exposure capability train continuously and repeatedly. This exercise is necessary because the technique requires multiple and high taste.

Tips to Dress for Petite Body

Tips to dress for petite body can be done by all women, because not all the clothes are suitable for people who have little body. Perhaps you are one among women who are confused to choose clothes that fit because it has a body shape that is less high.

tips to dress for petite body

Do not worry, follow these tips to dress for the petite body of me to choose clothes that fit for the owner of the tiny body.

Tips to dress for petite body, the first.
V-neck: Overall collar model 'v' suitable for all types of woman's body. Especially for your cute body, collar 'V' neck showed that the illusion of the body look longer.

Tips to dress for petite body, the second.
Vertical form: Motive lines on football to show detail dress overall. Choose a vertical line pattern, functions to make you look higher.

Tips to dress for petite body, the third.
Knee Show: The more your legs look so much more to create the illusion of height. Therefore, for your petite clothing is suitable for use above the knee. But note, not to cut too short, because it will make you look like a child.

Tips to dress for petite body, a fourth.
Maxi Dress: A lot of women who are short to avoid wearing a maxi dress, long dress but it can make you look taller. Look for long dress is to ankle. To make you look taller to use high heels shoes.

So that I can lay out on tips to dress for the petite body.

Tips on Caring for Smartphones

Tips on caring for smartphones so durable and safe from intrusion action cyber criminals and malware.

Here are 12 tips on caring for smartphones:

Tips on caring for smartphones, to first.
Always lock and use the password for access to your communication device.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to two.
If you want to enter personal data, do it only for applications supplied by the manufacturer. That means, if you want to download the Facebook application must be from the website Facebook, as well as the application of Twitter from Twitter, and others.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to third.
Do not store confidential information in your smartphone device.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to fourth.
Enable Password program.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to fifth.
Turn off the function of geo-location services.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to sixth.
Enable password protection systems.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to seventh.
Delete or remove personal photographs that do not want you distribute.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to eight.
Do not install applications from developers who are not known. If you've already done the download in question, put an end to online banking activities from your smartphone device, because the application is potentially malware.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to nine.
First look at the applications that you want to download and install. Whether the application has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times? Does having a high rating? Does the application have been around long? Does the application developer is trusted by the industry and its customers? To know it can be done by checking through search engines, via social networking, as well as of microblogging.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to ten.
If you click a link in an email, never enter personal data into it. Because many cases the entry of malware through the mode. Especially if done through mobile communication devices, the risk will be higher. It would be safer if done by entering the name of the website on a web browser, then input your data.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to eleven.
Install security applications and enable the antivirus program.

Tips on caring for smartphones, to twelve.
Treat your smartphone device like a desktop because cyber criminals no matter what platforms you use, but it is targeting everyone to be a victim.

5 Steps to Reprogram the Remote Key Practical BMW

Keyless Entry form equipped car key remote to unlock or lock the door, without having to put the key in the lock on the door of the car. With the remote key of course is easier and make us comfortable.

Inside there is a remote key battery that can run out of useful life. If the battery runs out, the Keyless Entry to be not functioning, so we must open the lock through the keyhole in the door.

It often happens, when after replacing the battery, the remote become dysfunctional. This is because when the batteries are disconnected from the remote, there's only 60 seconds to immediately replace them with new ones.

When the 60 seconds missing, then the remote should be synchronized with the existing security system in the car. Previously, every time the need to synchronize the remote. Line up at the official workshop quite a lot of time.

We can do its own synchronization with a fairly easy and does not require any tools. Here are the steps:

1. After the new battery is replaced, we headed for the car, unlock the door using the key.

2. Once entered into the car, make sure all the doors closed.

3. Insert the ignition key. Turn key to position-1 (acc), leave for 5 seconds, then return to position-0 and remove key.

4. Immediately after the key in remove, press the UNLOCK button on the key. Permanent press UNLOCK button for 10 seconds. For 10 seconds, press the LOCK button 3 times (not too fast). After about 10 seconds, remove the UNLOCK button.
Then, after the UNLOCK button is released, the door knob lock will lock and unlock by itself, indicating successful synchronization process.

5. To synchronize the second key (reserve), immediately repeat the number 4 above within 30 seconds of the first key from the ignition key removed. (Must be done quickly).

If the process is unsuccessful, to repeat the synchronization have to wait about 30 seconds, and do not perform with the door open.

These tips apply to almost all models of BMW cars that use the Keyless Entry (Remote). (Series 1, 3, 5, 7, X3, X5, etc).
So tip, may be useful.

Maximize Speed with Storage Upgrade in MacBook Air

Maximize Speed with Storage Upgrade in MacBook Air

Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD is the only SSD that can be used to upgrade storage on the MacBook Air.
Uniquely, the SSD will not only add storage in the MacBook Air but also affect overall speed

5 Tips Caring MacBook With Battery Calibration

There are several ways to treat the MacBook. One of them is to give special attention to the battery. With well-maintained battery then the performance of the MacBook was