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Wedding Dress of Lace Fabric

Brocade or lace fabric has become typical for the material used in the wedding dress. Although common, one of which is still chosen by the designer of the dress spring 2013 bridal collection them.

wedding dress of lace fabric

wedding dress of lace fabric

Marchesa fashion house known for its stylish design, which uses a lot of lace material. For his latest collection, presented Marchesa strapless wedding dress with lace detail on the chest and back.

wedding dress of lace fabric

wedding dress of lace fabric

For designers from Ethiopia, Amsale Aberra, lace fabric can not only be a beautiful detail on the dress. He even designed a whole dress made ​​of lace. Starting from the detail on the chest to the hemline (the lowest line on the end of fashion).

wedding dress of lace fabric

wedding dress of lace fabric

Ballgown wedding dress will look more feminine with the addition of lace material on the chest to the arm. Make more ladylike appearance, Marchesa choose floral lace with a wide range of sizes.

wedding dress of lace fabric

wedding dress of lace fabric

Not only brocade motifs relationship that can make brides look feminine appearance, sweet and romantic. Wave-patterned lace material is equally special and give the impression of a modern, such as the wedding dress works Brand Love, Yu.

Winter Fashion Trends

Winter fashion trends in tropical countries like Indonesia which has only two seasons, namely dry and rainy. But that does not mean states of winter fashion trends can not be adjusted four seasons, winter Here are four trends that you can copy:

Winter fashion trends, first.
Polkadot motif
After such a long time in polka-dot motif again become an Idol and dominated most of the scenes of the runway, one of them in winter collection Marc Jacobs. Designers, according to rumors, Creative Director of fashion house Dior offers polka-dot motif on top, skirt, suits, hats, gloves, stockings. To adapt to this trend, you can select different kinds of clothes in a polka-dot motif. Paired with dress without motive that polka-dot dress you more attention.

Winter fashion trends, second.
The color of light
The bright colors found during the summer. But until the winter, the colors are still steal the show. If you do not want to be too flashy and wanted to continue to feel the nuances of the winter, mix your choice of brightly colored clothes with warm-colored clothing. For example, mini-skirt with attached shirt, maroon, or dark purple with bright yellow.

Winter fashion trends, third.
Style Inspiration 60's
If the 70-style summer dominating fashion scene, this time turn the style of the 60's becoming a trend. While the look is now a more modern, but there are some fashion items that are key to the style of the 60's. Starting from the A-line skirt, mini mod overalls, tunics, dresses with Peter Pan style collar and bell- bottom pants.

Winer fashion trends, fourth.
Floral motif
Dress with flower motif which is identical with the feel of summer and spring. But fashion collections with flowers still commonly found in this winter. Wearing a flower dress for work? Of course it does not matter. Customize your model with a piece of formal attire. Pair with elegant jewelry, neutral colors heels and make-up classes to keep it looking professional. As a reference, you can see the elegant and feminine by wearing a shirt that is inserted into the high-waist skirt is cut.

Tips to Dress for Petite Body

Tips to dress for petite body can be done by all women, because not all the clothes are suitable for people who have little body. Perhaps you are one among women who are confused to choose clothes that fit because it has a body shape that is less high.

tips to dress for petite body

Do not worry, follow these tips to dress for the petite body of me to choose clothes that fit for the owner of the tiny body.

Tips to dress for petite body, the first.
V-neck: Overall collar model 'v' suitable for all types of woman's body. Especially for your cute body, collar 'V' neck showed that the illusion of the body look longer.

Tips to dress for petite body, the second.
Vertical form: Motive lines on football to show detail dress overall. Choose a vertical line pattern, functions to make you look higher.

Tips to dress for petite body, the third.
Knee Show: The more your legs look so much more to create the illusion of height. Therefore, for your petite clothing is suitable for use above the knee. But note, not to cut too short, because it will make you look like a child.

Tips to dress for petite body, a fourth.
Maxi Dress: A lot of women who are short to avoid wearing a maxi dress, long dress but it can make you look taller. Look for long dress is to ankle. To make you look taller to use high heels shoes.

So that I can lay out on tips to dress for the petite body.

Women's fashion trends 2011

women fashion trends 2011= Women's fashion trends 2011

Latest trends women's fashion in 2011 almost every year in the surgery by the designers to display the latest trends. And >usually the show at the end of the year held in the month, before the new year begins.

For Fashion Trend in 2011, Find-looking dress for the prom night is always so busy its own for girls who want to look cool. So preparation is indispensable. Actually, the style prom dress this year, not far from the more trendy styles.

Women's fashion trends 2011