6 Creative Techniques with Multiple Exposure Photo

The technique of multiple exposure photographs style is not new, even be explored since the days of film. This technique is commonly used for two or more scenes of motion or stationary in a frame. The goal is nothing but images look more dramatic and dynamic.

creative techniques with multiple exposure photo

creative techniques with multiple exposure photo

How to actually create a multiple exposure photograph with this?
First, the necessary condition is a type of camera. It turned out that not all digital cameras have the facility or multiple exposure feature. If he did not have but would like to try it, though requiring digital means via computer software. Ie by combining multiple layers / layer are stacked into a single frame.

For the record, this paper investigated a multiple exposure created in the internal camera, not on the computer.

Second, make sure the lighting conditions to ensure the success of multiple exposure. Background images should be darker than the subject. This is to maintain the speed and the diaphragm is maintained when recording multiple scenes.

Light falling on the subject also needs to be constant, not fickle. This need to keep the auto focus does not run and maintained lightmeter.

Third, determine how many frames to be stacked in a single frame. Usually the camera provides 2 to 10 frames. More or less depending on the creativity of the recorded scene photographer.

Fourth. Look carefully at what's going to made ​​multiple exposure. Adjust as needed because not all the scenes photos nice to be multiple. Here, reasoning and creative side of the photographer is very important in making a multiple photo.

Fourth. Since the purpose of multiple exposures to create a more vivid and dramatic scenes, still pay attention to body language and expression of the subject who want taken of. Do not get them covered by a number of stacked layers.

Fifth, multiple exposure capability train continuously and repeatedly. This exercise is necessary because the technique requires multiple and high taste.