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Zynga Immediate Release CityVille 2

Zynga Immediate Release CityVille 2

Zynga Immediate Release CityVille 2

Although recently abandoned by their key executives, Zynga still trying to deliver the best for gaming fans loyal. The latest news comes directly from the official Zynga blog mention if they are preparing a sequel to the popular game CityVille.

As disclosed in its official blog, this time Zynga has released CityVille 2 in the closed beta. While we can not tell you more details about the game, Zynga said if CityVille 2 will provide a rich experience of city building visually and socially.

CityVille 2 will deliver all the features loved by fans combined with several innovations introduced on CastleVille and FarmVille 2, such as crafting and 3D graphics.

Zynga is committed to bring something new and also listen to all the feedback users through groups, forums, play or beta test. How about you, are you also a fan of this game? Definitely can not wait to try it.
If you need a game guide, see this blog continues.

Game Star Trek Online Get Model Free-to-Play

game star trek online free-to-play
Star Trek, who are not familiar with science fiction. Faint Studios, the developer behind the MMO Star Trek Online has announced that the MMO will be converted to a model of free-to-play on January 17, 2012.

And apparently this is not the first MMO that is converted to a particular business model. Previously the DC Universe has launched a similar model with considerable success.

Actually a few months ago, have also been rumors that say that the game Star Trek will get the model free-to-play, but when has not been much data collected to prove it. Despite the limited content, but the basic game will be accessible, such as access to all sectors and missions, as well as the actions and fleet PVP or attack.

Players of "free" will also be known as Silver Member and need to pay for certain things in the game made free for paying customers, such as respecs and an additional character slot. In addition to advertising will also be included in the Vivox voice chat, with limited access to the games, chat forums and e-mail and customer support. Well .. though free, but pretty much accepted limitations.

While paying customers is known as a Gold member and will get more inventory slots, unlimited storage energy credits, login queue priority and the ability to create guilds. The customers pay $ 5 of $ 15 they pay each month will be returned to them in the form of a faint 400 pts, which is the virtual currency used in the game store.

On December 1, certain features will be presented as a token of appreciation and gratitude to their customers to pay at this time.

Geber Game for Xperia Play

Xperia Play is smartphone specially dedicated to playing games. Not just a matter of hardware, gaming content ecosystem also worked seriously claimed by Sony Ericsson

PlayStation Vita ready circulate November

PlayStation Vita Ready Supply of November, but some online stores have opened bookings. Although Sony has not officially PlayStation Vita ensure the availability schedule that will circulate November

IdeaPad Y570 Review, Most Advanced Notebook from Lenovo

Lenovo is ready to release a new notebook, called IdeaPad Y570.
IdeaPad Y570 designed for gamers with top-class specifications. This new product is also claimed as the most advanced notebook from

Xperia Play PlayStation phone coming soon

PlayStation phone from Sony Ericsson called the Xperia Play is now circulating globally. Gingerbread Android-based handset is coming soon next month in

Ready to release the PlayStation 4

Sony released the next-generation console called the PlayStation 4.
Now the PlayStation 4 is in progress. This has been confirmed by

Microsoft Ready to Remove Xbox 360 Update

Latest Xbox 360 update will be available, Microsoft said it is ready to launch the latest system update for Xbox 360. In it claimed to have a

Nintendo Wii successor has not been used hard drive

Is it true that Nintendo Wii has no hard drive? Successor of Nintendo Wii game console is rumored to not have a hard drive for media shelf, but only use flash memory capacity of

Angry Birds WP7 Postponed Again

Angry Birds Released for Windows-based smartphones Phone 7 (WP7) will be extended from the originally scheduled to 29 June 2011.

This delay is the second time that Microsoft made. In fact, last month at MIX11 developer conference, Microsoft is promising WP7 Angry Birds to attend June 25, 2011. Previously, the game is scheduled to present at WP7 on April 6, 2011.

Rovio made this popular game is one of six title games that added Microsoft to the Windows Marketplace through 'Must Have Game' in Xbox Live. Priced at USD 2.99, Rovio in WP7 includes 195 levels.

Microsoft promises, delays Angry Birds in WP7 this will make the gaming experience better.

"The decision to bring the Angry Birds as the last title in the series 'Must Have Games' is to ensure that we provide the best gaming experience in WP7," said Microsoft spokesman, Tom Warren.

But another source said, there are other things that should be interesting and note, which is about the price Angry Birds at Windows Marketplace.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft pegged at USD 2.99 for the 195 level. Comparison with Angry Birds IOS version to level 240 only costs 99 cents.

Sony will immediately revert PlayStation Network

PlayStation 3 gamers are waiting for data PlayStation Network (PSN) who lost their expected Sony to be patient. Currently, Sony middle handle PlayStation Network and is expected to be recovered by

Linux back in the Playstation 3

Through the latest firmware Sony has 'killed' before Linux is on the Playstation 3 (PS3).
But now a group of hackers managed to restore the operating system.

New Weapons Game Cross Fire

Game cross fire features desired by the player FPS. Starting from a rich assortment of game modes, up to a rich assortment of weapons that can be used. In addition, game cross fire also adjusted to be playable for beginners as well as a master gamer.