Sony will immediately revert PlayStation Network

PlayStation 3 gamers are waiting for data PlayStation Network (PSN) who lost their expected Sony to be patient. Currently, Sony middle handle PlayStation Network and is expected to be recovered by the end of May 2011.

"Sony will strengthen their security network which was closed since 20 April due to attacks by hackers" said Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida of Japan.

Previously recorded data 2500 PlayStation Network users a 'secured' the Japanese electronics giant. The purpose of 'secured' here is the abolition of privacy data that had been posted online.

Because, after the action of cyber crime, thousands of user data is posted on the site PlayStation Network is said has been inactive and out of date.

Sony itself had previously submitted an apology to users around the world for the inconvenience, and hacker attacks that hit PlayStation Network on April 20 of the past.