Rumors Ipad 3 begins released

continued iPad 2 will now appear with the title iPad 3, whereas only approximately two months iPad 2 released to the public. Now iPad 3, continued the story of the tablet PC product that Apple has started to release again.

iPad 3 the router device iPad, iPad 2 as the third generation, of course there are a series of new features that will be embedded in the device Apple iPad 3.

Based on leaks from Hollywood circles, a new feature on the iPad 3 which is promising is the technology buried three-dimensional (3D) in it.

A number of major studios in Hollywood is currently preparing to spawn a row of 3D content to welcome the new Apple device.

Another issue is also being circulated around the news will be more bright display on the screen ipad 3. Digitimes launch, high resolution has been described resulting from the display Amoled Active-Matrix Organic Light- Emitting Diode. Hopefully there klariifikasi about this issue, from the Apple company is famous.