Game Star Trek Online Get Model Free-to-Play

game star trek online free-to-play
Star Trek, who are not familiar with science fiction. Faint Studios, the developer behind the MMO Star Trek Online has announced that the MMO will be converted to a model of free-to-play on January 17, 2012.

And apparently this is not the first MMO that is converted to a particular business model. Previously the DC Universe has launched a similar model with considerable success.

Actually a few months ago, have also been rumors that say that the game Star Trek will get the model free-to-play, but when has not been much data collected to prove it. Despite the limited content, but the basic game will be accessible, such as access to all sectors and missions, as well as the actions and fleet PVP or attack.

Players of "free" will also be known as Silver Member and need to pay for certain things in the game made free for paying customers, such as respecs and an additional character slot. In addition to advertising will also be included in the Vivox voice chat, with limited access to the games, chat forums and e-mail and customer support. Well .. though free, but pretty much accepted limitations.

While paying customers is known as a Gold member and will get more inventory slots, unlimited storage energy credits, login queue priority and the ability to create guilds. The customers pay $ 5 of $ 15 they pay each month will be returned to them in the form of a faint 400 pts, which is the virtual currency used in the game store.

On December 1, certain features will be presented as a token of appreciation and gratitude to their customers to pay at this time.