Cool 5 Apps for iPhone 4S

Perhaps you are one of the iPhone 4S users and confused to find an application that fits your needs. I suggest you'll want to try 5 applications below not less favorable than Movie Trailers applications.

Airport Utility.
Controlling the wireless network no longer requires a computer. Known as the Airport Utility iOS, Apple provides this application free for you. All made easy with Airport Utility, including changing the password, reset the router and update the firmware.

Apple is making cards for the elderly but there are 21 different card layouts that make this application attractive. You can write short messages and add pictures through the camera roll or a portrait of just using the iPhone camera. Cards will then guide you step by step to fill in the appropriate information (place of pictures, add titles, tags, etc.). This application will help you while relaxing and spending time alone with the cards provided. After playing with the cards, secured your mind and your mood will feel better.

With the iOS 5 is now Foursquare for iPhone will be updated one important feature called Radar. Radar is a smart feature that will let you know when you are in a location adjacent to where your friends.

You'll find Instagram Hipster same but combined with the Card. You can use filters to edit photos. After that you can use other features such as picture cards that has been done before editing can be a virtual postcard.

NHL Gamecenter.
Love to play hockey? This application gives you all the info about the United States including the schedule of NHL games, tv broadcast, standings, news articles, etc.. If you upgrade to premium you will get a live radio broadcast, video highlights, etc.. If you have a subscription Gamecenter Live, you can watch all the hockey games directly on your iPhone 4S.