New Weapons Game Cross Fire

Game cross fire features desired by the player FPS. Starting from a rich assortment of game modes, up to a rich assortment of weapons that can be used. In addition, game cross fire also adjusted to be playable for beginners as well as a master gamer.

In the Cross Fire players can choose several characters display a special unit members who wish to use to fight, ranging from OMOH group of Russian, American police SWAT famous of America, Special Air Service, or SAS is already a legend in the British army, or a collection of secret agent SPOP women are beautiful but deadly in the field.

Cross Fire is equipped with dozens of advanced weapons, ranging from Israel Desert Eagle pistol, the Sub-Machine Gun from the popular German MP5, Rifle Aug Styer A1 super- accurate artificial Austria, flashbang the blinding, to military knives for close combat.

A glimpse of the Beretta AR 70, this weapon is a weapon riffle with patterns of dragons and designed by Beretta Co. Beretta AR 70 which will be updated is in the form of capsules coin that has a variety of content, where one of them if you are lucky in the capsules is to get the Beretta AR-70 guns, of course with a permanent duration.

The contents of the capsule Baretta AR 70 can you see on CrossFire official website is: CrossfireUpdate1. In addition to this update, there will be an exchange coupon capsule that can be redeemed with a gift that is more interesting than the previous gifts. Coupons capsule derived from turning capsule. The prize you want, can be exchanged in accordance with the number of coupons that are owned. Gift list which can be found on the website CrossfireCoupons