Ready to release the PlayStation 4

Sony released the next-generation console called the PlayStation 4.
Now the PlayStation 4 is in progress. This has been confirmed by the vice president and chief financial officer of Sony.

As the rumors that have circulated before, that the PlayStation 4 will begin to be present in the market by 2012.
However, recent news says that Sony is delaying the release of new consoles.
PlayStation 4 planned will be launched in 2013.

PlayStation 4 is in progress, and this can be used to match the confirmed news that Nintendo will launch their newest gaming console, "roject Cafe" will be released at the E3 event in June.

This is quite contradictory to what has been expressed by Kaz Hirai, chief of Sony Computer Entertainment several months ago, "the PlayStation 4 or the next generation console is not something we are debating now."
Each console has an average life span of up to 10 years in the market. If BASED on it, means that the PlayStation 3 was in the middle with only a 5-year life span.