Microsoft Ready to Remove Xbox 360 Update

Latest Xbox 360 update will be available, Microsoft said it is ready to launch the latest system update for Xbox 360. In it claimed to have a lot of changes.

In the latest patch, the Xbox will have additional services such as integrated with PayPal. This feature allows gamers to buy the product at those sites, the account in it also will be incorporated in the Xbox Live users.

But unfortunately the service is not available to Xbox Live in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan.

In addition to shopping in addition to PayPal, the latest patch that will make the Xbox 360 also supports the new disc types, namely XGD3 which have greater capacity and better security systems. So this new format is expected to reduce piracy.

Other additions are the Auto Standby. This feature will make the console 'sleep' while the time within 1 hour if not used. This feature is certainly expected to save electric power, and extend the life of the console.

Latest Xbox 360 update will be released in the next few days. Gamers who have Xbox Live accounts will automatically receive notifications for updates.