Honda CR-Z Version of Mugen, Hybrid Sexiest

Honda CR-Z Mugen version finally emerge. With his presence, environmentally friendly cars more beautiful and sexy only. The car is still a prototype of the Honda tuner that will be exhibited at the event Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 on July 1 to 13 next.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid is more frightening than the CR-Z standard. 1,500 cc gasoline engine power i-VTEC and Honda's hybrid technology called Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), up 50 percent.

Honda CR-Z hybrid is also lighter, being sent a diet until the weight down as much as 50 kilograms. As a comparison, the CR- Z weighs approximately 1236 kg. Produce power 200 PS with torque of 245 Nm.

With a weight which is 50 percent lighter, the Honda CR-Z Mugen version was adopted that strengthen aerodynamic body kit, sports suspension character, 17-inch alloy rims and 4 calipers are embedded in the legs.

What fun this car?
Honda claims this car can go from 0 to 100 km / hour in just 6.6 seconds (same as the Civic Type R) but with more economical fuel consumption that is 21 km / liter (1:21) in Eco driving mode.

If, in sport mode or his Mugen car can consume 1:12.
Wow racing lovers will want this car could be produced.