Windows Phone Nokia will present in October

Windows Phone Nokia will present in October. Such information is leaked by the official Nokia, Victor Saeijs. At the end of 2011 ensured the Windows Phone Nokia will be present.

Enhancements for the European market is also expressed in any country Nokia Windows Phone 7 will be released early. Some countries in Europe, according to Viktor, the launch will be the first place the handset, and then to various parts of the world.

Nokia has announced a conference to be held in London 26 October. The agenda, of course, to introduce the newest Windows Phone 7 as well as other products.

Period also coincided with the holiday session in the country. If true, the strategy of blowing the issue to the media when they want to release a new product. When everyone was talking about it, that's the right time to bring the Windows Phone 7 in the market.

From the list of countries where the Nokia design, Finland has not actually acquired the allocation Nokia Windows Phone. I wonder what their excuse, but maybe Nokia want to test the first market outside the country.