LG Release Smartphone Android Dual-Screen

LG Android smartphone is initially output looks normal. But not if you pull the panel and found the slide-out Qwerty keyboard in there. Not like most keyboards, but a split-keyboard touchscreen with whom there is a smaller size than the main screen.

It certainly was not the first phone from LG that has a dual-screen design and the 'odd'. Previously there has been LG Genesis release in the U.S. smartphone market and also features two screens.

Not yet known names from the phone stretcher. When exhibited by the carrier Orange and Kineto Wireless in London, a number of features demonstrated include services Kineto's Smart WiFi. Capacitive touchscreen that is wide enough and believed to be a WVGA screen. While the second touchscreen that exists between the split-QWERTY keyboard has not been seen to have a special function that 'useful'.

These phones will also be marketed in the United States using carrier T-Mobile USA. According to rumors, the release will likely be renamed as LG FLIP II or Maxx Q. We'll wait.