Ford Mustang Cobra Jet develop new

Now Ford is rumored to again make a new breakthrough by developing a variant of the Mustang Cobra Jet is even more powerful. Ford Mustang car has many variations.

Over the last 4 years Ford Mustang engine developed specifically aimed at frightening the drug through the race variant called Cobra Jet Mustang. The car is quite a success for your adrenaline.

Engine hood it has now changed completely. For smoother air intake, bonnet hole widened to spend part of Mustang's engine cover. Another factor to make the performance more Mustang Cobra Jet is pinned her wide tires in the rear. With the character of the viscous drag race car.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet uses rear-wheel motion. And to produce lightweight engine, Mustang Cobra Jet is rumored to use the raw material of aluminum for the engine capacity cc DOHC supercharged 5.400c which are connected with automatic transmission.

The machine is similar to the SVT Mustang supercharger with 2 engine options ie 2300 cc and 4000 cc supercharger.