Android tablet 4G LTE ready to be released Samsung

Samsung is currently being prepared Tablets Android 4G LTE.
Android operating system was the mainstay of Samsung. So Tablets Android with new features of technology 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) plans will be reinforced by the manufacturer of this south korea origin.

"Samsung will continue to work with Android in the future tablets," said JK Shin-President and Head of Samsung Mobile Communications Business,

Shin said it was discussing with operators in South Korea and the United States to launch a tablet computer with 4G LTE technology.

4G LTE services is already deployed by some operators in foreign countries so that Samsung wants to make a tablet device that supports 4G LTE technology. It is not yet clear when the time of its release.

Tablet itself is very tight competition with its rivals released flagship product, so that new innovation is required. Samsung is currently the second largest producer after Apple tablet, based on data from Strategy Analytics.

On the other hand, talked about the lawsuit that was filed Apple, Shin gave a special comment. He stated allegations that Samsung mimics Apple's product design is not true.

"We did not do the copying Apple's design. We have used several similar designs in recent years," said Shin.