Apple iCloud seem to be offering Streaming Movies and TV Shows

iCloud will give a surprise to Apple fans. Rumored that Apple will provide movies and TV shows in an online 'locker' iCloud.

About it, there is no detail or other leaks how will users can upload, stream or buy movies and TV shows. But there iCloud service is a way out to save the file in Apple's streaming servers so that later can be done in a variety of different iDevice.

It added that in recent weeks Apple officials busy doing approach in a number of major Hollywood studios. It was done so that the owners of the studio was willing to issue a license that allowed the Apple store a user's movies on Apple servers.

Although the major studios such as HBO reportedly did not object to the request Appe it but doubted that it could be given in features iCloud on 6 June. Predicted, if movies and television shows could eventually be given in iCloud but Apple still need more time until it can be realized.

Mac OS X, IOS iCloud 5 and will be discussed in the keynote WWDC 2011, June 6, later. Not only about 5 of the public discussed the IOS, the iCloud which will be released next week as well as reap the many rumors and speculation.