Nokia E6 and X7 is present in Europe

Two phones Nokia E6 and X7 are now in the process of delivery to the order. Both Symbian Anna and smartphone E6 and X7 was released simultaneously in April yesterday. After entering the pre-order process in several countries in Europe, pretty soon you could hear what they think of E6 and X7.

Nokia will begin thereafter E6 release across Europe, Eurasia, Asia / Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The range of prices you can estimate from the prices that have pegged some of Nokia's online stores in Germany, for example. They put the price of 429 Euros ($ 618) for pre-orders. While in Italy, Nokia sells for 399 Euros ($ 575), while the Nokia UK to sell it for 400 Euro ($ 577).

But if you're more interested in the Nokia X7 with 4- inch AMOLED display full-touchscreen, you can also get it later. This is related to Nokia plans to also release a X7 in Europe, Eurasia, China, India and countries in Asia / Pacific else. In Germany, Nokia sold it for 459 euros ($ 662) and 429 ($ 618) in Italy.