Six Tablets Android Dream in 2011

Various tablets Android already circulating in 2011. Each has its own advantages to perform excellent in the eyes of consumers.
Here tablets Android already or soon be marketed and pretty decent assessed as ideal.

1. Asus Eee Transformer Pad
By uniqueness, Transformer Pad Eee Android assessed as tablets popular. Not only powerful, Eee Pad can be instantly converted into a netbook when combined with a keyboard dock. The price is quite affordable.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
With the world's slimmest body, the user who put the force it feels will glance at the Galaxy Tab 10.1. In some countries, exit is also equipped with Galaxy Tab 10.1v version 8MP camera that promises excellent photo quality. But the body is thicker.

3. Motorola Xoom
Motorola Xoom is first tablet is marketed with Android OS Honeycomb. Unfortunately, the price is quite expensive. But it is redeemed with a good body quality, battery durability and reliable performance.

4. LG Optimus Pad
An added value offered by Optimus Pad, namely the ability to record content 3 Dimensions (3D). This was done with a combination of two cameras behind each 5MP resolution. Indeed, to see how it looks still have to go through the 3D television, but these tablets could be an option for those who love with 3D technology.

5. Acer Iconia Tab A500
Acer Tab Iconia recently launched A500. The tablet comes with a bandage over his body so that the metal shows a solid and elegant impression. Exterior factors may make this a priority user ogled style, although this tablet feels slippery when held.

6. HTC Flyer
HTC Android Flyer was still wearing while its rivals Gingerbread fielded many tablets honeycomb. But the HTC interface Sense, this tablet look pretty good. Also promised that the honeycomb is just a matter of time update. Design factor is not less interesting with aluminum unibody models.