Asus Padfone combination tablets and Smartphones

Asus innovation in the gadget Padfone is unique. Padfone is a hybrid device that combines the tablet measuring 10.1 inches by 4.3 inch smartphone sailing.

Called as Padfone, this gadget consists of an Android handset that coupled with 10- inch tablet device. The handset's 4.3 inch sail can be inserted into the back of the tablet that has a special slot to hold them.

Tablet Padfone converged smartphones and tablets are combines in a single gadget that lets consumers choose the most appropriate screen size to the activity and sharing of data and internet access 3G.

Users can also choose to watch content on a small smartphone screen or on screen tablet that more relief. When combined with dock tablet smartphone, then all the smartphone capabilities such as cellular connection can be made via the tablet.

Padfone can be regarded as an extension to the smartphone. Unfortunately Padfone specification has not been mentioned because Asus is still doing the finishing of this product.

The operating system used is still mysterious. Allegedly the green robot Android version of Ice Cream Sandwich Asus will be the choice in Padfone.
The new generation Android could work well on mobile phones or tablet.