Opera releases latest version

Opera officially announced the availability of two new versions of its popular browser, Mini and Mobile, for feature phones, smartphones and of course to the tablet.

Opera Mini 6 and 4.3 is available starting the day yesterday for devices based on Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Java. And chances are, Opera also try taking it to Apple for use on IOS- based devices. As promised long ago, some updates contained in this browser functionality including pinch-to-zoom, scrolling capability development, opening new tabs and shared functions that allow users to post information to social networking like Facebook and Twitter, or via email client like Gmail.

As for Opera Mobile 11, is available for Windows 7 Phone devices, Meego, Android and Symbian. BlackBerry does not appear in this list because as stated by Opera, a BlackBerry-based devices like Java, does not allow Opera Mobile 11 runs with True.
Opera Mobile 11 also has not been available for the iPhone, because votes do not meet the requirements established by Apple.

Opera Mobile 11 had been support HTML5 and can run Flash. However, this feature can be eliminated for those who do not want it, to reduce loading time. Opera also added a wrap-around function, so when users zoom in a page, text on the page remains on the correct display format so no need to make scrolling to the side to read the entire page.

Both Opera Mini Opera Mobile 6 and 11, both have been optimized for use in a browser. Both have a standard navigation feature on the top of the browser, rather than below. So that the user experience on the desktop interface such as 'traditional' when using the tablet.