Alternatives to Google Music

Google Music same practice gives you the opportunity to upload 20,000 songs through virtual storage. That way you can access and play songs that have been uploaded wherever you are. Access Google Music can be done either through a web browser or via phone / tablet Android.

Unfortunately, not all users of Google's Android could enjoy music as for now is still valid for those who live in America. To be able to get the application is also not original install. This is because Google introduced a system 'invite and approve' as enacted in the beginning of Gmail a few years ago.

Although Google promised to give Google's Music on all Android users around the world, but you never know when it might come true. Well, while waiting for Google to prepare it all there are several similar applications that you can use to replace the role of Google Music. Among others:

- Using the Youtube version of the web browser is worldwide and now you too can enjoy them on the Android device. Official video, video concert or user uploaded video results, all can be accessed on YouTube.

- Amazon Cloud Player can be called as a competitor to Google's most powerful music. Amazon offers a feature to upload all kinds of files to the Cloud Drive property. Amazon also has Cloud Player that will play all the songs you've uploaded. For storage under 5GB, Amazon will not charge a fee or free. If your file exceeds the capacity of it then the cost is $ 1/GB.

- Last Fm
Last Fm is basically an internet radio. This application will play music according to the choices you make. Your choices will be automatically recorded to facilitate and speed up you open the same choice on other occasions.