Mìgg33 present in versian android

Mig33 networking application launching Android version for mobile social community. Besides presenting a new experience for the user, the presence of Mig33 in this version of Android will also open new opportunities for handset manufacturers, game developers, content providers and merchants.

Besides having a simple design and display a more diverse user interfaces, applications Mig33 Android version allows users to chat and send virtual gifts to other users with just one click.

For handset manufacturers, game developers, content providers and merchants VAS, this latest application is another form of alternative platforms to reach the entire community of users while increasing revenue streams significantly with the amount of investment that is not so big.

In terms of revenue, based on migCredit purchase online or at some retail outlets in Indonesia, the carrying amount of the purchase virtual gifts in Mig33 has more than 40 million throughout 2010 and then with an average sales / month more than doubled.

"The launch of the Android version of the latest Mig33 is in line with our target to increase the number of users 10% from 2010 and bring Mig33 a mainstream brand in late 2011, this," said Kiki Rizki, Country Manager Indonesia Mig33.