Royal Bentley inter Prince William

Special luxury limousine Royal Bentley British royal maroon used to deliver Prince William to his wedding The Church of Westminster Abbey.

Prince William to wear a uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guard red, sat behind the car accompanied by his brother Prince Harry.

Royal Bentley who bring a Prince William was escorted by police motorcycles and a black Range Rover SUV.

They were seen hand in hand through the streets of London. Residents cried out hysterically when Prince William passing car in front of their eyes.

Royal Bentley is the same as that used in the Queen Elizabeth II. With a variety of ornaments and government logo embedded in the car. Royal Bentley has a large cabin space and transparent.

This car has a 6750 cc engine twin- turbocharged, with power at least 400 hp and 835 Nm of torque. Reaches its maximum speed of 210 km / hour.