Luxury car Lexus RX270 comes in Indonesia

Luxury car market again lively with the presence of the Lexus RX270. Although not yet official for release to the market four- wheel Indonesia, these luxury cars can be booked.

Lexus RX270 luxury car on offer is also quite competitive. When the price RX270 in the General Importer (IU) of Rp 970 million, but the Indonesian Lexus sold it for Rp 930 million on the road in Jakarta. "For consumers who want the message it is possible. We decide the price of Rp 930 million, much cheaper than IU," said General Manager of Lexus of Indonesia, Adrian Tirtadjaja.

He was convinced RX270 SUV offered far more complete than in the sale of the IU. Among the supplies wood panel, VDIM (vehicle dynamic Integrated Management), seat heater, GPS and haptic control and spare parts and service free for 5 years. "The type we have lived the most, namely ultra- ultimate. So the specification is complete," who claimed to have toilet Adrian RX270 ordered 50 units.

Indonesia can submit a new Lexus car in July and August. "Shipping July and August, it's because the Japanese are like this," he concluded.

Lexus RX 270 is strengthened capacity of 2672 cc engine 16 valve DOHC Dual VVT-i that drives the front wheels. The engine is mated to automatic transmission 6- speed Super ECT with power 185 hp at 5800 rpm and torque of 252 Nm at 4200 rpm.