Chip 3D new generation

The new generation of Intel chips will use a 3D structure to pack more computing power into a smaller space. This statement was disclosed when Intel introduces new chip designs are developed.

The new design of this chip is designed to enable the exponential growth in computing power are referred to as Moore's Law to continue into another generation.

Intel claims to have worked on this technology since 2002. He mentioned, this product will not be present on the computer, tablet and the latest smartphone by the end of this year.

The term '3D' here refers to a very fudamental transistor unit of computer chip. Currently, their structure allows electrons to move only two- dimensional object from one side to another. Now, Intel allows it also to be able to move up and down.

Quoted from the Telegraph, on Thursday (05/05/2011), this chip will form a higher but not vulnerable 'leaky' so that it requires less power.

"Intel can reduce power consumption more than 50 percent in a single generation leap in performance and generate employment by 37 percent," said one senior researcher at Intel, Mark Boh.

Intel said the breakthrough was doing and commensurate with the innovation of this time was in 2007. Though this 3D chip will be released officially yet, consumers can expect the presence of at least a better 3D graphics and multitasking.